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I align product development and strategy to deliver value to your business

I make bespoke and innovative software solutions so that you can benefit from cutting-edge technology and a competitive advantage.

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Build a product

You want to build a product? I help you understand the technical aspects, so that you can define a strategy which aligns with your business objectives.


Develop technical strategy

You want to create a competitive edge, or tackle a new market? I help you define a strategy which leverages your assets for long term success.


Increase productivity

You want to make your team more efficient? I help you adopt a winning strategy for increased cooperation and a highly productive environment.


Grow your team and develop talent

You want to develop a strong engineering culture? I help you define an efficient recruitment process and an environment which fosters growth.


Bespoke technology and strategy coaching

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Decision Making in Tech
Latest episode

Decision Making in Tech

Florian is a JavaScript and DevOps consultant, he has extensive experience in large companies and startups alike. Together we discuss the impact of tech decision making in companies, how it can lead to unexpected costs, culture changes. We talk about how by-products of technical decisions can shape the future of a business years down the road.


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